Fostering Interdisciplinarity in the Social Sciences

First Vienna International Graduate Conference on Social Science, 12 and 13 June 2024

Call for sessions

The ViDSS is hosting the first Vienna International Graduate Conference on Social Science (ViCSS) on 12 and 13 June 2024. The two-day conference aims to provide a platform for academic exchange and intellectual inquiry for the doctoral candidates in Social Sciences from the University of Vienna and beyond. The conference will be a synergy of all eight research fields that comprise the Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences – communication, demography, development studies, nursing science, political science, science and technology studies, social and cultural anthropology, and sociology. Participants will have the possibility to present their doctoral research, engage in interactive feedback and find scientific inspiration for their ongoing and future research projects.

If interested in contributing to the Conference, please send a proposal (max. 300 words) for a classic panel, workshop or other innovative exchange sessions detailing the theme and organisers’ name by 30 October 2023 to Collaborations among doctoral candidates and PhD Clubs are highly encouraged. You are invited to get together with your colleagues, discuss a conceptual problem or interest within your field and outline an overarching theme which could represent one larger topic of your discipline’s research. Although this should pertain to your field, it should also bring in an interdisciplinary perspective and should be sufficiently accessible to allow for treatment by contributors from a wider scope of backgrounds. Session will be posted on the Conference website in December, and a call for submissions will open. Doctoral candidates with similar research interests will submit their abstracts to participate in your session via the Conference website. Representatives from your session will outline the most suitable submissions.

Tatjana Boczy and Ekaterina Zhelenkova
on behalf of the organising committee